Country Vet Fly Killer 6.9 oz

Country Vet Fly Killer 6.9 oz

Country Vet Fly Killer 6.9 oz

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⬥Effective Flying Insect Control: Country Vet's Fly Killer spray is designed to deliver maximum kill and repellency against flying insects such as flies, gnats, small flying moths, and mosquitoes, including those known to carry the West Nile virus.

⬥Powerful Formulation: This spray features a formulation with Geraniol, a botanical repellent, ensuring enhanced effectiveness in repelling and controlling flying insects.

⬥EPA Registered: Rest assured, this flying insect killer spray is EPA registered, meeting the necessary standards for safety and effectiveness.

⬥Long-Lasting Fragrance and Control: Each canister provides 30 days of continuous 24-hour fragrance and insect control, offering extended protection against flying insects.

⬥Convenient and Easy to Use: Packaged in a metered size of 6.9 ounces, this fly killer spray comes in a canister for easy application, allowing you to quickly and effectively address flying insect issues.

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