Camco Dual Flush RV Holding Tank Rinser 1 pk

Camco Dual Flush RV Holding Tank Rinser 1 pk

Camco Dual Flush RV Holding Tank Rinser 1 pk

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⬥Two-Way Jet Cleaning Action: The Camco 39072 Dual Flush RV Holding Tank Rinser provides powerful two-way jet cleaning action. It effectively sprays water into the lines, clearing out clogged pipes, reducing odors, and preventing malfunctions in the holding tanks and hoses.

⬥Enhanced Cleaning Performance: With its dual flush feature, this tank rinser ensures thorough and efficient cleaning. It helps remove built-up debris and waste residue, maintaining the hygiene and functionality of your RV's holding tanks

⬥Reliable Construction: The Camco 39072 is made from durable polycarbonate material, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to damage. Its sturdy build makes it suitable for extended use in demanding RV environments.

⬥Easy Installation: This RV holding tank rinser is designed for convenient installation. It can be easily attached to the RV's plumbing system, providing a hassle-free cleaning solution.

⬥Clear and Compact Design: With its clear color and compact dimensions (4" width, 6" height, and 5" length), the Camco 39072 seamlessly integrates into your RV's plumbing system without compromising aesthetics. Its transparent design allows you to monitor the cleaning process and ensure effective results.

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